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Read what Stave customers are saying

I love my puzzles — the boxes, the designs, the cut shapes, the fun of putting them together and most of all, the beautiful craftsmanship of the puzzles! Thank you for your care in making them a joy to solve! —V.W., Mill Creek, WA

Such clever placement of the personalized pieces. —The W. Family, North Branford, CT

I love the small surprises and the neat bits of humor. —M.J.H., Mayfield, KY

Stave puzzles are tantalizingly terrible and I’ll probably be buying them for another ten years!
—D.H., London, England

My husband really enjoys a challenge and that’s why he likes Stave puzzles so much. They keep him up at night or sometimes he sneaks back downstairs in the night to work on them. —C.G. Dayton, OH

Working your puzzles helps my wife get rid of the other stuff in her head. —G.H., San Antonio, TX

Stave puzzles give me hours of mindless pleasure plus the enormous satisfaction of taking all the crazy pieces and making them fit. When doing a puzzle you’re in a different world.
—S.S., Marlboro, NJ

Why not Stave puzzles. Life is short, go for the best. —D.L.G., Old Lyme, CT

We enjoy doing our puzzles together. It’s relaxing — and addicting! —E.M., Oxford, CT

Once again delightful puzzles! Only wish I didn’t sit down and do them non-stop. It’s like eating peanuts—hard to stop and I hate to see them all done. Of course I do them over and over and never tire of them. —J.T., Inver Grove Heights, MN

The day I found it on my doorstep, I finished it for the first time — forgot all about supper and the mail... All the puzzles were done at least twice and even my brother-in-law got hooked. It is great fun to watch new people discover the pleasures you created. THANK YOU!!! —R.E., Wilmington, DE

Thank you for doing something that makes so many people so happy —A.N., Chapel Hill, NC

Absolute magic, completely unique and my wife adores them! —D.H., London, England

We can’t get enough of Stave Puzzles! We are addicted and considering going for treatment at The Betty Ford Clinic! —G.R., Palos Park, IL

I absolutely love these puzzles. Something about opening the box, smelling the wood... I could do these little buggers morning, noon and night!! —M.S., Palo Alto, CA

We cannot wait to get back into our house to work on these puzzles! We even added a Stave Puzzle closet! Just for our special puzzles! —G.G.W., Shapleigh, ME

What’s not to love about a Stave puzzle?! —E.B., Duluth, MN

We have loved the time spent with family over the years, putting together all of our different puzzles. Each Christmas season a puzzle beckons a passerby to linger awhile at the kitchen counter. Sometimes forsaking eat and sleep to find just one more piece... —R.B., Barrington, IL

So charmed by the minature jewels I received yesterday that I must order two more. They are just right with a morning cup of coffee or listening—not watching—the evening news —M.P., Bethesda, MD

You sure know how to make interesting and challenging puzzles! What fun! —C.N., Fairfax, VA

Even the pieces themselves are so well made that they are nice to the touch —G.K., New York, NY

I feel I owe it to myself in my old age to buy myself one new puzzle per year! Of course if anyone cared to make me a present of others, they wouldn’t be turned down. Maybe I’ll start dropping hints now. —L.A., Los Angeles, CA

It’s like eating peanuts—hard to stop and I hate to see them all done. Of course I do them over and over and never tire of them. —Mrs. E.R.T., Inver Grove Heights, MN

I love the smell of the wood when I first open the box. —L.H., Sun City, AZ

According to the family my house isn’t right unless there is a puzzle being worked on in the livingroom —B.A., Honolulu, HI

As soon as it arrived I had to stop everything and do it at once. I had to remove them one by one, savoring the tactile pleasure of each intricate piece. —P.C., Doylestown, PA

My most relaxing moments are those seated before an exquisitely crafted Stave puzzle waiting for assembly. —G.B., Longmeadow, MA

It was everything I expected and more. —H.K., Reno, NV

Even my brother-in-law got hooked. It is great fun to watch new people discover the pleasures you created. —R.E., Wilmington, DE

One by one family members drifted over to the table to ‘just have a look’. Minutes passed... brows furrowed... and then their hands twitched towards the pieces... Mind you, these are people who think puzzles are boring —D.M., Lancaster, PA

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