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Teaser vs. Trick Puzzles

TeasersTM vs. TricksTM vs. TroubleMakersTM

SWORDS (Teasers)
sword Requires extra concentration
2 swords Requires extra concentration & patience
3 swords Requires extra concentration, patience & aspirin
4 swords Requires extra concentration, patience, aspirin & Valium
pandamonium teaser

Stave TeaserTM Puzzles have nasty little design features to add challenge to the puzzle and delightfully drive you nuts:

  • confusing colors
  • repeating shapes
  • empty spaces in which nothing fits
  • irregular edges
  • fiendishly clever cutting.

These small puzzles will tease you with their size, yet torture you with their challenge. The fun recycles, too, because they don't necessarily get easier the more you do them. They'll continue to taunt and tempt you with their cheery pieces in the deceptively small box.

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TrickTM Puzzles

giraffe trick
BOLTS (Trick puzzles)
1 bolt Hors d'oeuvres-taste Stave shenanigans.
2 bolts Faint of heart? This may be your limit?
3 bolts Be prepared to do battle.
4 bolts If they made Pepto Bismal for the brain, this is when you would need it.
5 bolts What part of "impossible" don't you understand?
In some TrickTM Puzzles, some pieces will fit in two different places, therefore the entire puzzle will go together in many different ways. Trick puzzles are designed for serious puzzlers. If you're new to Stave and want to try your hand at Trick Puzzles, check out the Difficulty Ratings Guide (below) or call us for a consultation.

Types of TricksTM
• 2-way Tricks: With some pieces, the snug interlocks will fit in two different places. You'll have to keep swapping sections of the puzzle around to arrive at the correct solution

• Crazy ClawsTM: Loose interlocks shaped like horseshoes can connect with each other in two distinct ways and can also connect with several other "claws". Once again, you'll have to kep moving sections around until they all fit.

• Monkey FistTM: Contains multiple, identical large open interlocks into which multiple sections of the puzzle, with identical smaller interlocks, will fit.

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new! TroubleMakers!TM
FORKS (TroubleMaker puzzles)
3 bolts Holy Smokes! You did it!
3 bolts You feel feverish as your temperature begins to rise.
3 bolts Requires you to loosen your collar and let out some steam.
3 bolts Be prepared for an eruption, you might as well throw yourself into
an inferno!

Come one, come all... Discover TroubleMakerTM Puzzles — creative gems that will hound Teaser lovesr, and delight TrickTM lovers.

Says Stave's Chief Tormentor:

It was as if I'd discovered the Rosetta Stone when, last September, I uncovered a way to create a whole new genre of jigsaw puzzle. I had finally figured out how to design a trick-like puzzle where one extra piece gives you two different arrangements of pieces. It was my Eureka moment.

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