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Orient Expresso

Introducing our newest TroubleMaker puzzle design - one of the most fiendishly, magnificent wooden jigsaw puzzles­ ever devised by man. Simply put, a magic piece acts as a keystone, allowing you to create several completely different puzzling solutions. We have rigorously tested this TroubleMaker under extreme conditions at our remote Stave Torture Chamber deep in the Green Mountains of
Vermont. The chorus of feedback from our dedicated puzzle testers has been unanimous. It’s a mind-boggling experience that will baffle, bemuse, and entertain you for hours!

The Stave Orient Expresso

Join forces with the gendarmes to help them capture
the “Gang of 4” thieves.

The “Gang of 4” thieves is hiding amidst the unsuspecting passengers and the gendarmes are in HOT pursuit. Climb aboard...if you dare!

The scene: Full of unsuspecting passengers, The Stave Orient Expresso, has just left the platform making its way from London to Paris.

The crime: Four gendarmes riding in the engine compartment have been alerted that the infamous “Gang of 4” thieves is aboard The Stave Orient Expresso. Knowing of their previous attempt to rob Boggle Manor in London Larceny, the gendarmes immediately spring into action!

The rescue: The sly thieves are steadily working their way from car to car, hiding with their loot as they go. The gendarmes are in HOT pursuit, but with more than one thief working the same car, will they be able to capture them all? Attendez! One of the thieves has escaped! Gasp! Will the gendarmes have enough steam to finish a clean sweep of all four cars, and once again, capture the relentless criminals?

Designed to drive you
batty and bring you hours
of entertainment!

One magic piece
Doubles your Trouble!


“There’s a room in hell for
the people at Stave. Steve
is at the top of the list.”

M.F., Nashville, TN

Stave Orient Expresso


Susan Berry
30.75" x 5.5"
200 pieces
Full Price:$1495

Introductory Price: $1,295*
Save $200!

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*Introductory price good through September 2014. Cannot be combined with other offers.

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