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Customizing Your Stave Puzzle

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles from Stave

puzzle silhouettesThe added zest in a Stave Puzzle from a print is the personalization. Our highly skilled jigsaw crafters will cut the print you have chosen so it springs to life as you assemble it, and we will fill it with charming, clever, and elegant silhouettes according to your wishes. We can cut almost any shape, name or message into your custom jigsaw puzzle. You can also use any photograph and create a fantastic custom photo jigsaw puzzle (see below). People have used our custom jigsaw puzzles to propose marriage, commemorate a lifetime of achievement, or simply say, "This is my puzzle" by filling it with silhouettes that tickle their fancy. Rule of thumb: the bigger the puzzle, the more room for silhouettes.

dinosaur puzzle pieceTo create a customized jigsaw puzzles order, first you'll need to consider a "Traditional" puzzle print. Click here to browse/search Traditional puzzle prints in our online store. We now have over 2000 prints available for online purchases. These prints have a richness of colors and detail that make them particularly suited to puzzling.

You can also purchase your own print and send it to us, but first, please have a look at our pricing chart to see how much it might cost. Importantly, a print needs to be on a paper stock that can be cut without flaking or peeling; check with us if you have any questions.

Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle Creation

custom jigsaw puzzle

Marbleized Paper Frames
We have a variety of styles, colors, and sizes on hand to dress up your photo and add color and interest to the puzzle

custom puzzle

There are dozens of ways to turn your photographs into custom jigsaw puzzles and we're ready to work with you to make the perfect puzzle within your budget guidelines. Only a few of the possibilities are shown here; we can also brainstorm myriad ideas—as creative as you want to go.

We've done photo collages—with theater tickets, currency, wine labels, brochures, maps . . . We even scanned real heather to surround a castle! Often, we commission artists to create an original painting, working from photographs or their imaginations to create a scene with the elements you want to see and the colors and edge style that will make a great custom photo jigsaw puzzle for you. Sometimes we combine original artwork and photos electronically for the right image. (We'll supply the best paper for puzzling.)

Remember, it's the silhouette pieces that really tell the story. Think carefully about what captures this person's life, interests, experiences, hobbies, family, pets, favorite places, activities. These special pieces are the most important part of a custom puzzle. If the image is colorful, it will immediately engage the puzzler. It's the silhouettes they'll remember.

Call us to get started with your own custom jigsaw puzzles. We'll let you know if your idea is too crazy for this world. Chances are it's right up our alley.

Artist-commissioned frames to ensconce your photographs

Photo Wreath Puzzle

Gently surround you picture with this elegant wreath.

artist: Judy Cedarstaff

8.75" x 7.5", 110 pieces

family tree puzzle

Family Tree

Send us up to 15 photos for your own family puzzle tree. Photos will be reproduced and returned to you.

artist: Edith Bingham

10" x 13", 210 pieces

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