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Classic Cut our standard cut style; heart-shaped interlocks, two pieces per sqare inch
color line cutting our maddening habit of cutting precisely between two different colors so you can`t depend on color clues when hunting for the right match
  Crazy Claws horseshoe-shaped loose interlocks that connect to each other in two distinct ways, making it difficult to know which way is correct
Cutting Edge an existing art print enhanced with a dramatic edge and other features such as dropouts or sculpts
dropout empty space inside a puzzle
  enlarged silhouette multiple pieces which form the shape of an object
  Fantasy Cut cut style with semi-circles and arrow interlocks. Bigger pieces. Good for young children or less agile puzzlers
  interacting silhouette two or more silhouettes within a puzzle which relate to each other and touch. For instance, a watering can and a flower
irregular edge puzzle border that is not straight, but which relates in some way to the image on the face of the puzzle, such as the outline of a bouquet of flowers
  Lightning Bolt how Stave rates the level of our Trick Puzzles. The more Lightning Bolts, the more impossible
  Monkey Fist Trick contains multiple, identical, large, open interlocks into which multiple sections of the puzzle, with identical smaller interlocks, will fit
  Nightmare Cut cut style with semi-circular interlocks; considered more difficult than Classic. All trick puzzles are cut in Nightmare
  phoney corner looks for all the world like it`s a corner piece, but isn`t
  Prize Points worth one dollar each; earned by solving puzzles and games
rebus picture-riddle within a puzzle, made of silhouettes
sculpt slivers of wood removed from the puzzle that form an image or accentuate the image in the print
silhouette puzzle piece in the shape of a person, object, or animal
  silhouette balls puzzles with a space inside into which multiple silhouette pieces intricately fit, with minimum interlocking parts and multiple dropouts
  split corner pieces that don`t look like they form a corner...until they fit together
  Stave Clown Stave trademark, included in all puzzles, dated and signed by the crafter
  Stave Limited Editions from commissioned artwork; maximum collectibility
  Swords how we rate our Teaser puzzles; more swords, more headaches
  Teaser Puzzles Don’t let their size fool you. Stave Teaser Puzzles have nasty little design features to add challenge to the puzzle and delightfully drive you nuts: confusing colors, repeating shapes, empty spaces in which nothing fits, irregular edges, and fiendishly clever cutting.-Stave Difficulty Ratings for Swords


Requires extra concentration
Requires extra concentration & patience
Requires extra concentration, patience & aspirin
Requires extra concentration, patience, aspirin & Valium
  Time Share
sharing program in which six puzzles are borrowed and one is permanently kept
  Trick Puzzles

In Trick Puzzles, some pieces will fit in two different places, therefore the entire puzzle will go together many different ways. Trick Puzzles are designed for serious puzzlers! If you’re new to Stave and want to try your hand at Trick Puzzles, check out this Ratings Guide or call for a consultation. (By the way, don’t even think about using the wood grain to help you. It will be inconsistent in the correct solution.)

Hors d`oeuvres-taste Stave shenanigans.
Faint of heart? This may be your limit?
Be prepared to do battle.
If they made Pepto Bismal for the brain, this is when you would need it.
What part of "impossible" don`t you understand?
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