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Oct 4

Welcome To Our Humble Abode

stave viewGood Things Come in Small Packages
Earlier in the week I was lucky enough to be able to visit with guests who stopped in for a tour of the shop. We don’t have many opportunities to see our puzzlers so it’s fun to see them when they stop in. Mr. & Mrs. I. from Bethesda, MD., have been Stave puzzlers for nine years and often wondered what our shop is like. Boy, were they surprised! This is it? This is where it all happens?! Folks are always surprised that all that magic happens right here in our little workshop!

stave sign

When you see this sign, you’ll know you’ve made it to the right place!

Come On In!
It occurred to me others may have the same misconception. What better time to give you a peek into our world? We’re going to give you your very own tour of Stave Puzzles. When you’re sitting down working your next puzzle you’ll know right where it came from and how it came to be. But remember, this in NO WAY excuses you from making a pilgrimage to Stave. Make your travel plans today! And when†you do come by, ask for Tammy. She gives the best tour in town!

Yíall come back now, ya hear!  Jennifer

Aug 20

Don Giovanni Comes to Staveland

OK, I’m finally getting with the program, the Opera Program, that is. It’s taken me only 35 years to realize that an opera puzzle might be popular with some of our customers. So below is my first stab at one, Don Giovanni, which was introduced last week. What helped inspire this is our local opera company, Opera North, which is now doing Don Giovanni. Martha and I are going tomorrow night! Check out our home page for more info on this puzzle.

Don Giovanni puzzle sr

Aug 12

The Gift of Chocolate!

We just got some chocolates from our friend Marc F. in exchange for some hints. After we finished the chocolates we laughed with glee! Hehe.

Marc Fox Chocolates

Aug 6

What’s Going On?

too much fun

Best Laid Plans

I have the best intentions to begin working on this newsletter well in advance of when it needs to be ready. But does that happen? No! Why doesnít it happen?†Because thereís so darn much going on around here!


I start the day by doing a quick overview of whatís on my desk. Freshly cut puzzles that need to be listed as In-stock on the web site,†new orders that have come in and need to be checked over. While Iím doing these things Iíll have several interruptions. ìJenn, can you check this puzzle for me?î ìWhat do you†think about this edge idea?î ìI think I messed up. Help!î These are all things I love doing, especially checking a puzzle before a cutter begins crafting. It gives me a great†opportunity to see whatís going on in their minds. I work with creative geniuses!

I often spend part of my day working on new designs. Molly Delaney might pop in to drop off the finished art for the latest Teaser, Susan Greenleaf may call to go over a new design. Steve is usually†cooking up something new, too, that needs to be discussed.


If Iím really lucky, Iíll talk or email with one of you. I love to hear how you liked your latest puzzle or help you pick your next†one. Oftentimes I feel like Iím talking with an old friend. Last week I spoke with several people who puzzled with us at our anniversary Shindig and I also gave a tour of Stave to a group of four†lovely ladies. What fun women! We chatted and laughed it up while I showed them around. I donít know who had the better time, me or them. I was tempted to take the afternoon off and join them in the†rest of their ventures for the day but the saw was calling me. Puzzlers. You are awesome people!

Life doesn’t get much better than this!


Ring Riders



We love to incorporate the theme of the image with our cutting, both on the edge and in the interior pieces. You never know what you’ll find in a Stave! Areas of solid color lend themselves to beautiful sculpts and fanciful irregular edges.


natural appeal

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appearing in this mailing. Trick, Monkey Fist, Crazy Claw, Teaser, Twister, Tumbler, TroubleMaker, the Clown and Stave are trademarks of Stave Puzzles, Inc.

Aug 3

Taking it easy

It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy, isn’t that what Billie Holiday sang? It may be easy for some but summer can cause a few problems for us. We’re a small shop, just 10 saws, and as much as we love our jobs we do have to take a little time off every now and then. When do most people want a vacation? Summer! So, if your puzzles take a little longer to get to you, that’s why! What have your favorite cutters been up to? Ginny had a couple of weeks with her hubby and grand kids, Barb traveled the wild west and Di took some nice long drives to nowhere in particular with her husband. A bunch more of us will be in and out for the next few weeks, me included, so please be patient with us. We’ll get your puzzles cut, I promise!

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