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Aug 2

Richmond, Virginia Comes to Vermont

In a surprise visit this wonderful customer from Richmond, Virginia popped in for a visit. She and her husband are staying at nearby Twin Farms resort. She regularly comes to our Blackberry Farm Party in February.


Jul 20

A Good Time For All!


Tired But Happy

Iím tired. Weíre all tired. Donít†feel sorry for us because itís a great†feeling! We had an amazing time last†weekend at the Woodstock Inn,†celebrating our 35th anniversary†with a fabulous group of puzzlers.†Weíre lucky enough to be able†to talk with a large number of you†when you call but we donít get to†meet our puzzlers very often. Not†only does a party give us an†opportunity to get some face time†with our fans, it gives you a chance†to spend time with others who are†just as crazy about puzzling as you!†Plus, you get to work as many†puzzles as you want !!!

Wild Times

We had a bunch of arrivals†Friday night for quiet puzzling but†the official festivities began†Saturday morning. Paula and Bri,†our Star Party Planners, organized†a bunch of games to keep everyone†puzzled throughout the day. Our†guests were challenged with games†like Guess the Rebus, Scrambled†Names and Guess the Silhouettes,†among others. We were handing†out prizes left and right!

Big Winners

In honor of our 35th†Anniversary we gave away over†$35,000 in prizes. We had prizes as†simple as Stave bumper stickers and†note pads and biggies like a $3,500†gift certificate. The Grand prize of†the weekend was the complete†Final Edition of our Dollhouse†Village, worth over $25,000!!†Congratulations go out to Y.Y.,†Annandale, VA who won the gift†certificate and P.A., Glen Head,†NY who won Edition #100/#100†of the Dollhouse Village.†Thank you all so much for†coming. You are what make our†jobs fun and I hope you all walked†away feeling like you were a winner.†I hope to see you at the next†party!


photo page

Jul 13

Wedded Bliss

summer love

I Do
I bet most weddings take place†in the summer. The weatherís good,†itís easier for the guests who have to†travel, and you can be outside.†Another reason why I make this†assumption is because we cut more†wedding puzzles now than at any†other time of the year.†A puzzle is the†perfect way to†commemorate the†special day.†Whether itís your†day from 20 years†ago or tomorrow,†a son or daughterís wedding, or†your favorite niece, a Stave puzzle†is the perfect gift.

The Missing Piece
When you meet that special†someone, you feel like youíve found†that missing piece, right? They†seem to fill that little spot in your†heart thatís been empty, waiting for†just the right fit. Why not create a†puzzle to remember this incredible†time in life? The moment can be†relived every time the puzzle is†worked. We can fill it with the†silhouettes that represent your†perfect day: the proposal on one†knee, a horse and carriage ride to†the church, a dog standing in as†best man, the honeymoon safari to†Africa. No matter what made your†day unique, we can help you create†a keepsake that will be enjoyed for†years to come.

couple-silhouetteFit Me In
Picture this . Itís your†anniversary, the music is softly†playing in the background, the†champagne is poured and the†candles are lit on the puzzle table.†Wonít it be nice to have a few hours†of your loveís undivided attention†while you work to put together the†pieces of your lives? We all know†times like this are few and†far†between in our day to day lives.

Love you to pieces, Jennifer

Jun 18

Getting My Facts Straight

Steve, on the far right, with fellow golf fanatics Tom, Jim, and Charlie.

Steve, on the far right, with fellow golf fanatics Tom, Jim, and Charlie.

Mea Culpa

You all know my knowledge of†golf is limited. My mom and dad†golfed, my son and husband golf†and, of course, your Chief†Tormentor, Steve, golfs. A lot! So†why canít I get the facts right?!

I previously regaled†you all with the story of Steveís trip†to the Augusta National Golf Club†to golf with one of my favorite†Stave puzzlers, Jim G., from†Birmingham, Alabama. It all came†about with a casual chat I had with†Mr. G. while he was ordering a†puzzle. ìIf Steve ever wants to play†Augusta National, let me know.î†Little did I know what an impact†those words would have on Steve.

Did You Catch Me?

Steve left for Augusta on†Thursday, May 13th, and returned†Saturday evening. When my phone†rang Sunday morning and I heard†who was on the other end of the†line I knew I was in for a great story.†It was everything Steve had hoped†it would be and so much more.

On Monday morning Steve†showed everyone the photos he had†taken and shared his adventure with†the whole gang. Needless to say, we†have all heard the stories several†times now. So donít you think I†could get my facts straight?!†Magnolia Drive, Magnolia Lane. A†water trap, a water hole. 210 feet, 210†yards. Whatís the big deal?! Ok, Ok,†Iíll give you the feet vs. yards thing†but the rest? Minor details to a girl†like me but HUGE for all you†golfers out there in the world.

Iím taking this opportunity to†admit my mistakes and make things†right. As much as I like to tease†Steve and embellish the story a bit I†do appreciate the thrill and honor it†was for him. The generosity of Mr.†G. is over the top and he presented†Steve with the opportunity of a†lifetime. But whatís even better is it†got a ton of brownie points for me!

Enjoy the pictures and please, if†you catch me in any mistakes, donít†tell Steve!

I guess I can’t always be right. (Don’t tell my husband!)


on the course

Jun 9

Sold Out!!!!!!!!!!

Treasure Island is officially Sold Out! There are 50 incredibly lucky puzzle owners out there enjoying amazing artwork and trickery. Congratulations!

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