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Apr 28

Help Us Design a Teaser Puzzle

donkeysA new contest is happening now on

Stave artist, Molly Delaney, has gotten us started by drawing a few cute little donkeys, BUT what will the frame and the name be?

We want your suggestions for the theme of this new Teaser puzzle. You could win Stave Goodies or the New Teaser puzzle if we use your suggestions.

Get all the detail and join the contest at !

Jan 7


It just occurred to me… Some of you may not know about our exciting “Will You Marry Me?” contest. Sorry about that! Being the romantic bunch that we are (24 women and 1 man) we thought it would be fun to offer up 14 ‘Will You Marry Me?’ puzzles in a contest for those who are ready to pop the question. You have til the end of the month to tell us why you deserve to have one of our puzzles to (re)propose to your Sweetie. Send us your funny, sappy and romantic stories and you could end up with one of the best proposals in history! Here’s the link again, and a photo of what you might win. (With your names cut in, of course!) Hmmm, if we happen to have a Sam, proposing to a Claire, he’ll be a sure winner!

Will You Marry Me

About 10 days ago I asked son Michael to set up the Gobble-Gobble game on so that when a player reached so many points a window would pop-up displaying a coupon code good for 24 hours. Plus create a higher level for a total of 3 levels. Last weekend we had nearly 100 players on Saturday playing the game. I was pleased. And we got lots of orders.

To make it simple for everyone, this week the 3 levels will be at 100, 200 and 300… simple as 1 ,2, 3. At 100 level is a deal code. At 200 you get an entry into a drawing. At 300 you get a better deal code.

By the way, I am blown away by some true-blue StavePuzzleNuts who really rack up the points. Below is today’s high score for David at 11,103. I mean, that represents a lot of play time… WOW!






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