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Apr 28

Latest and Greatest

On the Horizon
Spring is a time for fresh, new things like lambs, daffodils, and mud, if you’re living in Vermont. It’s also a time for new puzzle designs. In addition to a few new designs from your favorite Stave artists like Molly Delaney, Susan Greenleaf and Cheryl Johnson, we’ve got some great new things cooking up with STEVE! As you probably know, Steve and Martha head South every April to get away from the neverending snow here in Vermont. There must be something about all that sun providing a boost of Vitamin D because we can always count on Steve to come back with loads of new puzzle ideas. Who knew Vitamin D was beneficial for puzzle designing?! We’ve received several emails with a first look into what he’s cooking up and I’m loving it!

First and foremost, Steve’s been working on our new Limited Edition puzzle, Atlantis. We’ve been brain-storming on this off and on for a while now and he’s finally got a handle on where this puzzle is going. Get ready for a hand – painted, multilayer puzzle that will knock your socks off !

We’ve been lamenting the need for more 4-sword Teasers and guess what. Steve’s cooked up a new concept to give you just that! We’ll begin cutting a prototype in the next week or so and get it out to test so we can make sure it holds up to all you Ace Teaser puzzlers.

Steve’s also working on a new 2-way Trick puzzle design. It sounds like it will be a 3 or 4 bolt difficulty level, not as tough as Fred & Ginger or Olivia but tougher than what most of you are probably used to. The theme of the puzzle will probably be tied in to the Mayan theory that the world will end in 2012. Let’s hope we can get it to final art before then!

We’re getting close to the finish line on the new cat themed 2-way Trick puzzle that’s kind of a cousin to the doggie themed, Bark in the Park. I’ve got one more test cut to do and if it passes muster Stave artist, Molly Delaney, will go to paint! It’s darn cute and sure to please all you cat loving Trick puzzlers. Molly is also working on a new beach themed Teaser which will be ready just in time for vacation puzzling this summer.

We have another new Teaser design by Molly debuting this week. Do you remember about a year ago when we showed a couple of cute donkey sketches on PuzzleNuts and asked for help in choosing the theme and title based on the cute little guys? Here it is! PuzzleNuts Kristen and Jennifer had a combined effort in suggesting a barn dancing theme with a title of Donkey Tonk.

A short while ago we showed you a new Teaser puzzle called Your High-ness by Stave crafter and artist, Samara Cary. She’s done it again! You’re getting the first look at A Giant Dilemma.  It got great reviews by our Testers and I think you’re going to love it, too.

Cheryl Johnson, Stave artist living in Maine, is finishing up the first puzzle in the new United States series. Can you guess what state we did first? You’ll get a peek at it in my next newsletter.

More Good Things Coming Your Way
Just arrived in my mailbox… I just received Mouse Pad from Stave artist, Susan Greenleaf. I guess we’ll just have to give you a peek at that one in my next newsletter, too. You guys have a lot to look forward to!!!

Guess this Rebus!
Thanks to all those who sent answers to the rebus game in the last newsletter. You guys are good!! Puzzler C.M. of N.Y. was the first to get the correct answers: Market Share, Harvest Time and Come Sail Away.

Here’s another one for you.

The first person to email me with the correct answer to this rebus will win a prize! Email your guesses to me at


Sep 16

We’ve Got Designs on You

Fresh as a Daisy
Thereís nothing like some time†off to rejuvenate the brain. I†thoroughly enjoyed my ëstaycationí†and spent a restful, sunny week†enjoying the beauty of Vermont†and New Hampshire. What an†incredible place to live!

Now Iím ready for anything! The days are getting shorter, the nights are cooler and weíll be gearing up for our holiday season
soon. Bring it on! Weíve got some†new stuff in the works and weíre†looking forward to puzzling you†and your families.

On the Horizon
So what do you have to look†forward to in the coming months?†You know you can count on†fabulous Traditional puzzle images†to choose from. Susanís been†checking out†hundreds of†potential images†and found some†great new stuff.†Peter Sampleís†Derby Day is fun†and perfect for†puzzling. It has†great colors and†thereís so much†going on youíre not going to know†what piece goes where! You can be†sure there are going to be plenty of†holiday images to choose from in†the coming months.

vt-designCheryl Johnson has begun†working on a new set of Teaser†puzzles featuring each of the states†in our beautiful country. Weíre†starting with the East coast, and†have Vermont almost ready to go.†Cheryl has begun working on the†prototype for Maine while sheís†waiting for me to get the Vermont†design cut and tested. Keep your†eye out for these fifty nifty puzzles.

Paula pitched a really neat†Trick puzzle idea to Steve just last†week. I could hear the excitement†in his voice and saw that glimmer†in his eye when we began talking†about it. Iím not going to give you†any hints just yet but I think youíre†going to love it and be in for a real†treat!

Home Decorating

When you spend a lot of time in one place it begins to feel like home. If†you were to peek in the window of our cutting room to get a glimpse of†the magic that happens in the shop, youíll see posters, photos, funky chair†covers and the pink flamingos on Diannaís saw. PINK FLAMINGOS??

You know there has to be a story here, right? Many years ago, Di arrived†home to find her lawn littered with a whole flock of the bright birds. You†might think sheís fond of the critter†but sheís not! Sheís not quite sure†who did the dirty deed but many†others have continued to torture†her over the years. As you can see,†she has been gifted with many by†her friends at Stave. Itís always fun†to see her reaction when a new bird†has joined the flock!

It didnít take Samara long to make herself at home. She enjoys her James†Christensen calendar, a few notes to herself and a big green pickle.
A PICKLE???? Who hangs a pickle on their wall? Samaraís sister gave her†the funny card for her birthday and it now graces her wall. Check out the†cute card with all the things that go together: butter and bread, salt and†pepper, etc. Her friend, our very own Meg, drew it for her.

Would you smile every time you looked up†from your work and looked into these big olí†eyes? This cute little duck sits atop Ginnyís†saw, keeping her company while sheís working†on those Trick puzzles you like so much. The†froggie watches over Lori.

Meg was the reason we grew†from 9 saws to 10. We tucked†her in the corner, at the end of†the line next to Ginny, and she†likes her spot. Meg has taken†the time to hang some things†on the walls to make her space†her own!


Jan 5

Sweet from the Sweet

Hey Everyone, Happy New Year! We survived the holiday season in great shape (all fingers here and accounted for) and we’re ready for whatever 2010 has in store.

Just before we left the shop on the 23rd to head over to our holiday luncheon, a delicious treat was delivered to Stave. Cheryl Johnson, Stave artist from Maine, cut and baked a holiday cookie for us! Isn’t she the best? She always whips out something spectacular and we’re thoroughly spoiled. We love her! Watch for Cheryl’s new Alice in Wonderland puzzle series, coming soon!So Sweet!Who gets the first bite?

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