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TAG | 35th Anniversary

Below is photo of party goers on stairway at Woodstock Inn. Each participant was given a commemorative green t-shirt while Stave staff wore blue tees. Bottom photo is dessert. We all got a kick out of the clown cookie! YUM!



Jul 20

A Good Time For All!


Tired But Happy

Iím tired. Weíre all tired. Donít†feel sorry for us because itís a great†feeling! We had an amazing time last†weekend at the Woodstock Inn,†celebrating our 35th anniversary†with a fabulous group of puzzlers.†Weíre lucky enough to be able†to talk with a large number of you†when you call but we donít get to†meet our puzzlers very often. Not†only does a party give us an†opportunity to get some face time†with our fans, it gives you a chance†to spend time with others who are†just as crazy about puzzling as you!†Plus, you get to work as many†puzzles as you want !!!

Wild Times

We had a bunch of arrivals†Friday night for quiet puzzling but†the official festivities began†Saturday morning. Paula and Bri,†our Star Party Planners, organized†a bunch of games to keep everyone†puzzled throughout the day. Our†guests were challenged with games†like Guess the Rebus, Scrambled†Names and Guess the Silhouettes,†among others. We were handing†out prizes left and right!

Big Winners

In honor of our 35th†Anniversary we gave away over†$35,000 in prizes. We had prizes as†simple as Stave bumper stickers and†note pads and biggies like a $3,500†gift certificate. The Grand prize of†the weekend was the complete†Final Edition of our Dollhouse†Village, worth over $25,000!!†Congratulations go out to Y.Y.,†Annandale, VA who won the gift†certificate and P.A., Glen Head,†NY who won Edition #100/#100†of the Dollhouse Village.†Thank you all so much for†coming. You are what make our†jobs fun and I hope you all walked†away feeling like you were a winner.†I hope to see you at the next†party!


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Jul 13

35 Years! Where Did They Go?

As the saying goes, time flies when youíre having fun. I think everyone at Stave†would agree! Weíre all wondering where the time has gone. Steve has created another new puzzle design in honor of our 35th Anniversary. Here’s a sneak peek at what he’s cooking up!


OK, I’m turning over a new leaf by actually working a Stave puzzle every day… at home. So this past weekend I cleared out a puzzle spot in our living room… see below. I’ve been at this wonderful business for 35 years and rarely have I taken time to actually work our wonderful puzzles. Most of the time I am dreaming up new diabolical designs. So I selected a puzzle Martha crafted for me 20 years ago and started it… see below, also. Martha is chipping in, too. Behind the puzzle table is my Lionel electric train set-up for me and 5 year old grandson Simon… what fun!




Jun 8

Making Progress!

Steve and I just met with Stave artist, Molly Delaney, and handed off the 35th anniversary commemorative puzzle assignment. It is going to be awesome! We’ve loaded it with at least 35 of our puzzling elements, a la Treasure Trove and Palace of Pranks, and Steve has designed several little pockets of trickery that will keep you puzzled for a good long time. Molly has some great ideas for the artwork and she’s already shown us some great sketches. You are going to love it!

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