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Jun 17

Stave’s Amazing Flying Machine

Here’s a sneak peek at Steve’s latest 2-way Trick puzzle.
Artwork by Molly Delaney

Up, Up, and Away!

After 26 years at Stave you would think I’d have Steve figured out. It’s taken me a while but I’m finally catching on. Do you remember a few years ago when we debuted Steve’s sensational 2-way Trick puzzle, Atlantis? He spent forever developing the trick, cutting and working through the various prototypes and directing the artwork. Just when we reached the final stage and began crafting all the orders for this monster of a puzzle, he left town! I thought I was going to go around the bend trying to master that beast! Thankfully, just when I was about to throw up my hands in despair, it all came together. Well, he’s gone and done it again!

Steve ’s been deviously designing another new 2-way Trick puzzle and it’s great! The puzzle is based on an ingenious group of kids who kludge together their own soap box derby-type cars. They’ve nabbed parts from their dads’ garages, their neighbors’ basements and maybe even a few things from the dump! But as we know, when someone pours their heart and soul into creating something the result can be magical. And it is!

After constructing the four individual car s, they joi n together to create an amazing flying machine. It will be a really fun puzzle. But back to the boss. Here we are with a deadline to get this puzzle crafted and photographed so we can spread the news and he and Martha are headed to Maine! Guess who that leaves to pull a rabbit out of the hat? ME! I’ve had the opportunity to cut a few of the prototypes this time so it won’t be so bad. It’s a fun and entertaining puzzle and I know our Trick puzzlers are going to love it! Stay tuned…its debut is coming soon!

Always up for a new challenge!


Jun 17

New (and not so new) Faces



Sarah, Meg S, and EvieThe year 2013 has brought some changes to our group of talented puzzle crafters. Our friend, Olga, left Stave in January to spend more time with her young son and to pursue her love of language. Our talented Samara decided this was the perfect time in her life to explore the world and try some new things. She’s been painting a mural for the local library, refurbishing vintage signs and now she’s in the midst of creating a floor painting. Thankfully, she’s still designing puzzles. You’ll be seeing her latest challenge, You’re in Luck, very soon, and she’s currently working on a puzzle based on a favorite fairy tale. Most recently, Wanita has taken on the fun job of managing our local pottery studio. She’s teaching classes and loving it!

Though Olga, Samara and Wanita were difficult to replace, we were lucky enough to find Sarah and Evie to join us in the shop. Sarah grew up in the area but headed west to pursue her education at the University of Colorado. After graduating and spending a few years there, she decided to move back east. Sarah is an avid crafter who particularly enjoys bookbinding. She lives in Hanover, NH., with her kitties Santo and Marco Polo, who is blind. Sarah tries to hear as much live music as possible, loves animals, travel, and sipping cocktails by the lakeside. As you may have guessed by the name of her cat, she has a great sense of humor.

Evie grew up in a neighboring town and after graduating from Keene State in nearby New Hampshire, decided to come back our way to begin her new life. When we first met Evie she shared several beautiful woodworking pieces as well as some amazing drawings and paintings. It was obvious to us early on that she was very talented and just what we were searching for. Evie enjoys the outdoors, spending time at her camp in Northern VT., swimming, gardening, and staying active.

I’m sure many of you remember Meg S. You may even have puzzles with her initials on the back of the clown. Meg started with Stave back in 2004 and over the years became known in the shop for her love of cutting custom photo collages. All those faces can present quite a challenge to the crafter! After the birth of her second son, Meg decided to spend more time at home with her boys. Fortunately she’s been able to help us out during our busy times but we’ve always hoped there would come a day when she would be ready to come back to Stave full-time. That time has come! Meg is now working 3 days a week with plans to join us full-time when school starts in the fall. In her spare time, Meg enjoys gardening, fishing, knitting, and family time. We are thrilled with our new additions and know you will be, too!

Special Delivery Jesse

Special Delivery

We have another Stave baby on the way! Jesse and her husband, Will, are looking forward to the birth of their first child in August. We can’t wait to have another little boy to snuggle and spoil. Will is an avid hockey fan so we know the baby will probably be holding a hockey stick before he can even walk!

Until the next time,


Dec 12

We are in M&M Heaven

Following is my email today to John P., an actor, who sends us goodies each year in exchange for a Stave tree ornament. “HEY! I pick up the Stave mail each day and today I felt like Santa Claus lugging my big heavy sack of your goodies to the shop. Egads, that huge box of M&M’s weighs a lot. Mind you, my gang is not complaining. If fact, when they heard that the big box was from you they pushed me aside and dove into it, Princess Paula getting the top bag.”

Nov 2

Thankful Hearts

Giving Thanks

As sad as I am to see summer fading away, I am also feeling the excitement of the coming seasons, especially Thanksgiving. This holiday brings a warmth to my heart that is sometimes forgotten in the day to day minutiae. It’s the time of year when families get together and we’re reminded of what’s good and right in our worlds.

We have much to be thankful for here at Stave Puzzles. We’ve been driving our puzzlers crazy for over 35 years and we’re still loving every minute of it! Our loyal and crazy followers have called upon us to puzzle them and their families in times of trouble and in times of celebration. We’ve been asked to send puzzles to folks who are feeling under the weather, those who are celebrating great things, and many puzzlers who truly enjoy making order out of chaos and want to be mentally challenged. We appreciate you all so much that we vow to continue to challenge you to your hearts’ content and we promise to keep coming up with loads of new ways to do it!

Normal. Really?!

We’re also thankful for the great people we’re surrounded by each and every workday. It’s an amazing thing to enjoy the work you do but to really like the people you do it with is an even bigger bonus! What is really amazing is how normal we all seem. I mean really, how can we all seem so normal on the outside when on the inside we’re dreaming up new ways to puzzle you?!


Nov 2

The Next Generation



I received a nice note the other day from one of our puzzling friends in Atlanta, GA. Katrina and her husband, Larry, have been puzzling with us since 1991 and over the years we’ve really gotten to know them. They discovered us when they spent some time enjoying our puzzles at Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford, Vermont. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of their company at several of our puzzle gatherings here in VT, in NY, and in TN.

A few years after their first order, Katrina and Larry ordered a puzzle for their daughter, Whitney. As time passed, the trend continued and it became clear that this is a true puzzling family. Stave enjoyed being a part of many holidays and special occasions in their family, like Whitney’s birthdays and eventually her graduation. Inevitably, Whitney caught the eye of a special gentleman and the next thing we knew, Whitney’s friend, Luke, was joining us at a puzzle party. Would he pass the test? Is he a puzzler? Yes! He passed with flying colors. Luke wasn’t intimidated at all by our zany group and handled us, and the puzzles, like a pro.

True to the story book trend, there was a wedding and soon another new face in the crowd. Whitney and Luke now have a son, Ethan, and as you can see from the photo below, he’s got the puzzling gene! This family and their story is a prime example of what everyone here at Stave is thankful for. The relationships we build through our puzzles are just as important and satisfying as the puzzles themselves. Each piece brings us closer together and makes for a stronger whole.

Thank you for sharing of yourselves and your lives with us. We enjoy every minute of getting to know you and value our friendships with you more than you can imagine.

Life is good. So very good.

~ Jennifer

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