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Feb 21

Let’s Take a Trip!

A few of my friends and I were lazing around a couple weeks ago, lamenting how we never do anything fun and different. Laura feels like she’s on a never-ending treadmill where the scenery never changes. Jaime thinks change is hard for us and that’s why we’re so comfortable in our routines. Claire announced it’s time we grabbed life by the horns and made our own excitement! I’m kind of with all of them. I like my daily routine but feel like it’s time to shake things up. We started throwing out ideas of ways we could spice things up and came up with the same old things: a girls trip to Vegas, a cruise, a dude ranch, a weekend of hiking and camping… all the things that come to mind when a few girlfriends plan a trip. But none of us really have the vacation time built up due to the trip we took last summer so we decided to compromise. We decided to plan a day trip with the stipulation that it couldn’t be something we normally do. One of the girls mentioned she’d like to do something that would enrich her life, like take a cooking class or a jewelry making class. Everyone seemed to love that idea so we put our heads together to find just
the right adventure.

As you probably know, any time you’re trying to organize an event involving more than a couple people you’ll have scheduling conflicts. We found a great bread baking class we were all excited about but only two of us had the weekend free. We ran into the same problem with a quilting class, too. So we threw the whole ‘class’ idea out the window for now and decided to find a little culture on our own. That’s when it hit me. Let’s go to The Greenwich Workshop!! They showcase so many fabulous artists that I knew we would find something for everyone and have a great time.

So last weekend we all piled in the car and headed to Seymour, CT. “Lead foot” Laura drove so we got there in no time at all, and without a speeding ticket, too! The artwork at Greenwich is just amazing and it was so interesting to see what each of us fell in love with. It’s no wonder Jaime was drawn to the wildlife images by Simon Combes considering she’s got a leopard print chair in her apartment! Claire fell in love with Scott Gustafson’s work, especially The Frog Prince. I think it’s because the little girl in the painting looks just like Claire. Laura spent a summer traveling the wild west with her family when she was a teen so she immediately fell in love with the work of Bev Doolittle. I don’t think she ever did decide if Music in the Wind or Woodland Encounter was her favorite. I fell in love with the magic of James Christensen. It was simply jaw dropping to see the originals of Faery Tales and Maiden Voyage hanging in the gallery.

We were all so impressed with the beauty and quality of the work at GWS that we decided to chip in and purchase a framed print of The Bride, by James Christensen, for our friend, Lucy, who is getting married in June. And to make the gift even more special, we’re going to have our friends at Stave cut that very same image into a puzzle! Aren’t we brilliant?



1. Eyes of Warning, Simon Combes

2. Frog Prince, Scott Gustafson

3. Woodland Encounter, Bev Doolittle

4. Music In The Wind, Bev Doolittle

5. Maiden Voyage, James C. Christensen

6. Faery Tales, James C. Christensen

The Bride, James C. Christensen (framed artwork)



All Images: © 2012 The Greenwich Workshop®, Inc.


I see so many great puzzles come out of our workshop and they never cease to amaze me. It seems to me I should be sharing them with you! I’m going to choose one special puzzle every week and I’m going to post it here, for you to see. So check in every week and see what makes a Stave a Stave!!

Bordeux, by artist Kathleen Parr McKenna, is my first Puzzle of the Week. What do I love about it? From a puzzling aspect I like the colors. I could sort them to help me get started but they’re not so crisp as to make the puzzle easy. I love the grapevine wrapping around the top, too. Doesn’t it just bring things to life? From a cutter’s perspective I love the color-line cutting opportunities. The wine glass and sign are just calling out to be color-line cut. I could also cut out that nice bunch of grapes with a leaf and stem.

So pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and sit down with a puzzle tonight!

Jan 23

On StJohn testing Instagram. N…

On StJohn testing Instagram. New to it today

Dec 13

Stave Quote of the Day

The following quote came from a long-time Texas customer’s email after placing order for his 54th puzzle and I promised him Christmas delivery,

“Sounds great – this is puzzle #54 – and I calculate about 28,000 pieces to assemble.

When is enough enough?  Not quite yet.”

Yes, Chantilly is a BIG success because Riccardo (my ace tester) has not been able to do it. As he said, she has him going in circles. But Riccardo wants me to design a smaller version which will be more affordable…. hmmmm.

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