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CAT | Puzzling News

Jun 17

We’re In the News Again!

Did you catch the interview with Steve,  the Chief Tormentor on the Nightly Business Report. It aired Friday evening June 7th. If you missed the show, now’s your chance to watch it.


Jun 17

Stave’s Amazing Flying Machine

Here’s a sneak peek at Steve’s latest 2-way Trick puzzle.
Artwork by Molly Delaney

Up, Up, and Away!

After 26 years at Stave you would think I’d have Steve figured out. It’s taken me a while but I’m finally catching on. Do you remember a few years ago when we debuted Steve’s sensational 2-way Trick puzzle, Atlantis? He spent forever developing the trick, cutting and working through the various prototypes and directing the artwork. Just when we reached the final stage and began crafting all the orders for this monster of a puzzle, he left town! I thought I was going to go around the bend trying to master that beast! Thankfully, just when I was about to throw up my hands in despair, it all came together. Well, he’s gone and done it again!

Steve ’s been deviously designing another new 2-way Trick puzzle and it’s great! The puzzle is based on an ingenious group of kids who kludge together their own soap box derby-type cars. They’ve nabbed parts from their dads’ garages, their neighbors’ basements and maybe even a few things from the dump! But as we know, when someone pours their heart and soul into creating something the result can be magical. And it is!

After constructing the four individual car s, they joi n together to create an amazing flying machine. It will be a really fun puzzle. But back to the boss. Here we are with a deadline to get this puzzle crafted and photographed so we can spread the news and he and Martha are headed to Maine! Guess who that leaves to pull a rabbit out of the hat? ME! I’ve had the opportunity to cut a few of the prototypes this time so it won’t be so bad. It’s a fun and entertaining puzzle and I know our Trick puzzlers are going to love it! Stay tuned…its debut is coming soon!

Always up for a new challenge!


Dec 12

We are in M&M Heaven

Following is my email today to John P., an actor, who sends us goodies each year in exchange for a Stave tree ornament. “HEY! I pick up the Stave mail each day and today I felt like Santa Claus lugging my big heavy sack of your goodies to the shop. Egads, that huge box of M&M’s weighs a lot. Mind you, my gang is not complaining. If fact, when they heard that the big box was from you they pushed me aside and dove into it, Princess Paula getting the top bag.”

Nov 2

Thankful Hearts

Giving Thanks

As sad as I am to see summer fading away, I am also feeling the excitement of the coming seasons, especially Thanksgiving. This holiday brings a warmth to my heart that is sometimes forgotten in the day to day minutiae. It’s the time of year when families get together and we’re reminded of what’s good and right in our worlds.

We have much to be thankful for here at Stave Puzzles. We’ve been driving our puzzlers crazy for over 35 years and we’re still loving every minute of it! Our loyal and crazy followers have called upon us to puzzle them and their families in times of trouble and in times of celebration. We’ve been asked to send puzzles to folks who are feeling under the weather, those who are celebrating great things, and many puzzlers who truly enjoy making order out of chaos and want to be mentally challenged. We appreciate you all so much that we vow to continue to challenge you to your hearts’ content and we promise to keep coming up with loads of new ways to do it!

Normal. Really?!

We’re also thankful for the great people we’re surrounded by each and every workday. It’s an amazing thing to enjoy the work you do but to really like the people you do it with is an even bigger bonus! What is really amazing is how normal we all seem. I mean really, how can we all seem so normal on the outside when on the inside we’re dreaming up new ways to puzzle you?!


Oct 31

Bigger Can Be Better




Some of you already know this but while we’re working on the snazzy mailing piece to share with everyone, I’ll let the rest of you in on a little secret. YES, we cut puzzles with larger pieces! If you have  young kids who are itching to get their hands on your Stave or someone in your life who’s eyesight isn’t quite what it used to be, we can cut almost anything with large pieces.  Just ask and we’ll do it! Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out just how large you need the pieces and the rest of the details. We’ll get the official word out eventually, but for those of you who have been wondering- now you know!

I probably should have put one of our regular puzzle pieces next to one of the larger pieces but I didn’t think of it at the time. But hopefully, this is good enough to give you an idea of what we can do!



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