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CAT | New Devilish Designs

Jun 8

Making Progress!

Steve and I just met with Stave artist, Molly Delaney, and handed off the 35th anniversary commemorative puzzle assignment. It is going to be awesome! We’ve loaded it with at least 35 of our puzzling elements, a la Treasure Trove and Palace of Pranks, and Steve has designed several little pockets of trickery that will keep you puzzled for a good long time. Molly has some great ideas for the artwork and she’s already shown us some great sketches. You are going to love it!

May 14

La ville de l’amour

Bonjour mes amis! We’ve been working with Stave artist, Susan Berry, to develop a new TroubleMaker puzzle series and it is just beautiful! Can you guess the theme? Yep, Paris. You’re going to love the presentation of the Eiffel Tower, I just know it. It (the tower) was my clever idea so please be generous with the praise ;) It’s such a neat set we thought it deserved its very own mailing piece so Paula and Ruth are working on that now. You should see it in your mailbox in a few weeks. Au revoir.

May 12

Love is in the air!

Hey all you CHAMPions of Champ… guess who’s getting a girlfriend! Steve promised he would return from vacation last month with a new Trick puzzle design and he did. Lily is her name and puzzlement is her game. She’s Champ’s new girlfriend and if you enjoyed being puzzled by him you’re going to love Lily. She’s being tested right now by our Ace puzzler in Delaware and we can’t wait to hear his screams of frustration and delight. Puzzle designs take time and usually go through several prototype versions before we go to final art but we know how hungry you are for a new 2-way Trick puzzle so we’re keeping on top of this one so you will see it soon. Listen for those screams of agony from the East coast. Hopefully our Tester won’t cry Uncle!

May 4


I don’t want to steal Susan’s thunder but I’m so excited about an artist we’ve just begun working with I have to say something! (Does this make me a big mouth?) His images are incredibly beautiful, full of imagination and Fabulous for puzzling. You’re going to be seeing some very special and unique puzzles offered in the next mailing and you’re going to be thrilled. I promise. Have I ever lead you wrong??? Want a hint to help you figure it out while you’re waiting for your newsletter to arrive? Think back, way way way back. Millions of years ago…

Apr 8

Look here, sports fans!

Hey all you sports fans! I just wanted to give you a heads up on some new puzzles we’re working on. Stave artist, Molly Delaney, is working on a new set of sports themed Teaser puzzles and they’re looking great! We’re still in the designing phase but the ones we’ve had tested got great reviews so we’re moving closer to final art on a couple of them. Whether you’re a golfer or a baseball fan, a football fanatic or a tennis pro, we’ll have something for you!! (Did I tell you I’m taking tennis lessons? I’ll be playing at Wimbledon this summer, for sure!) Keep your eye out for these great new Teaser puzzles and in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at two them in early art stages.testers_20100408142816_00001

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