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The Deliciously Devilish Blog of Puzzling News From Staveland

CAT | New Devilish Designs

May 25

Atlantis … continued

Yikes! This 400 piece Atlantis puzzle of mine is driving me around the bend. It’s like designing 7 puzzles at once. 7 layers = 7 puzzles = 7 headaches = blurry vision.

May 16

Not Quite a 4

I thought I’d give you a quick update on that 4-sword Teaser design I told you Steve was working on. Unfortunately, our Ace Tester’s feedback wasn’t what we were hoping to hear. He said it MIGHT be a 4 sword to some puzzlers but it wasn’t for him. Well you know MIGHT just isn’t good enough at Stave. Steve is back at the drawing board on that one. I’ll keep you posted.

Yes, after much research we have discovered where the missing city Atlantis really is. And I am constructing a puzzle model so that you too can uncover this long lost secret.

Aug 20

Don Giovanni Comes to Staveland

OK, I’m finally getting with the program, the Opera Program, that is. It’s taken me only 35 years to realize that an opera puzzle might be popular with some of our customers. So below is my first stab at one, Don Giovanni, which was introduced last week. What helped inspire this is our local opera company, Opera North, which is now doing Don Giovanni. Martha and I are going tomorrow night! Check out our home page for more info on this puzzle.

Don Giovanni puzzle sr

Jul 13

35 Years! Where Did They Go?

As the saying goes, time flies when youíre having fun. I think everyone at Stave†would agree! Weíre all wondering where the time has gone. Steve has created another new puzzle design in honor of our 35th Anniversary. Here’s a sneak peek at what he’s cooking up!


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