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Stave Videos and Slideshows

Stave Puzzles Videos and Slideshows

Our Marriage Proposal Puzzle on WCAX TV

WCAX TV of Burlington, Vermont covers our Marriage Proposal puzzle Giveaway on their 6 o'clock news program.

Watch the segment here.


Penelope PuzzleNut VS. "The TroubleMaker"

Here at Stave, we have a small group of elite puzzle testers that keep us on our toes by making sure our wooden jigsaw puzzles are up to snuff. One part geometry genius, one part masochist, these testers are invaluable to us because they are so good at doing jigsaw puzzles, they know when we have goofed by either making a puzzle too hard, or worse, too easy!

One of our long-time testers is Penelope Puzzlenut. A former resident of Manhattan's Upper East Side, she is now hiding out in the Midwest on a 140-acre farm where she gardens, paints and kicks the tires on our puzzles. It's a peaceful place - until we show up with our new puzzles that is.

This month we almost had to call the paramedics because she got her first taste of our new "Trouble Maker" puzzle. Two phone calls to The Chief Tormentor later, we finally calmed her frayed nerves. Says Penelope: "It's is one of the most devious puzzles I have ever tinkered with. I can't wait for more."

We told you these folks are masochists.



CBS Sunday Morning

In case you missed it, we decided to dig back into our corporate vault and dust off the copy of the CBS Sunday Morning piece that was done about us a while back. To be honest, we think it's terrific.
It shows a great behind-the-scenes look at all the devious tricks we have up our sleeves as well as an exclusive peek inside Staveland. So pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!


The Puzzle Making Process

Originally made for our customers who recently joined us down at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennesee for a puzzle party, we have edited this video down to show you an exclusive peek inside Staveland. Meet all our elves who will show everything from how we cut and sand our puzzles to boxing them and shipping them out the door. There is even a cameo appearance by the Chief Tormentor himself! 



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