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We’re embarking on a puzzle journey around the world and we want you to join us! Our trip began in April and we’ll be traveling through the summer, visiting six different continents. Each month will bring us somewhere new and the first leg of our globe-trotting began in North America. You'll find links to the right to view images for each month's excursion:

April - North America
May - South America
June - Europe
July - Africa
August - Asia
September - South Pacific


Travel Club Puzzles
North America
South America
South Pacific


Travel Club Pricing

Cannot be combined
with other offers


Featured Inns
Rabbit Hill Inn
Wickanninish Inn
Omni Bedford Springs Resort
Stephanie Inn
Pitcher Inn




By joining us you’ll receive a special travel rate of 50% off* the full price of every puzzle you purchase from each month’s travel destination. Make your puzzle size 250 pieces or more and we’ll pack it in one of our beautiful hand-crafted wooden puzzle boxes for free.
* Cannot be combined with other offers.
You’ll also receive a special Travel Club Passport to help keep track of your travels along the way. Every time you purchase from the Travel Club offerings, we’ll send you some snazzy stamps to help you commemorate  your journey. It’s sort of like passing through Stave Customs! Did you miss a previous leg of the journey? Not to worry – you can purchase puzzles from any leg of the trip at any time. And yes, we’ll still send you those snazzy stamps for your passport!


In addition, when you complete your travels by purchasing six puzzles (any size) you’ll receive a darling globe puzzle created exclusively for Travel Club members by Stave artist, Molly Delaney. You’re probably already wondering if you can buy this adorable puzzle – nope! It’s our way of saying, “Thanks for being our travel companion!”


You can earn a free stay at a luxury resort!
Learn how below.

At the end of this trip you’ll need to recuperate from our lengthy boondoggle. You can earn a free stay at your choice of one of Stave’s Featured Inns. We’ll be highlighting a different Inn every month so you’ll be certain to have all the information you need to make your final choice. Here's the details on how to earn your stay, but you can always give us a call and ask for a puzzle travel agent if you have additional questions.

• Purchase one puzzle from each leg of the trip (or six total)
of 250-450 pieces and get your first night free at your choice
of one of five Stave Featured Inns.

• Purchase one puzzle from each leg of the trip (or six total)
of 500 pieces or more and get two nights free at your choice
of one of five Stave Featured Inns.

Here's a quick peek at each of the featured Inns.

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